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We focus on business communication. The courses are designed using the communicative approach.

Upon a complete assessment of your business language skills in the target language, we create a personalized program to cater to your specific needs and objectives, taking into consideration your job function, the industry, and corporate requirements.

The content is business focused and the instruction is learner centered. Diversified activities and materials related to various business situations are used during the lesson. The teacher plays the role of a facilitator and guide.
business communication
We use communicative approach. Tasks and activities involve students in real social and professional situations. They are designed to get students to use the language as freely and as communicatively as possible. The pragmatic, authentic, and functional use of language for meaningful purposes is stressed in order to equip the students with the skills necessary to communicate in unrehearsed business contexts outside the classroom.

We strongly believe that teachers are at the heart of the learning process. They play a decisive role in the quality of the lessons delivered and eventually the learning outcome of the students. We have a rigorous process in recruitment, regular teacher training, performance assessment, and constructive feedback. All our teachers are native speakers chosen carefully based on their personal traits, qualifications, and experience.

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